Body Suit

Body Suit -  Pink - XL

NEOPRENE SHAPE WEAR will Keep You Body Warm and will make you sweat during workout and daily activity. Helps burning fat in abdomen, waist and arms

HOURGLASS FIGURE is Achievable with our Waist Shaper Bodysuit

Premium Quality Body Shaper preserves body heat and stimulates sweat during exercise.

Sweat Suit provides unique COMPRESSION to shape body and have that sexy figure.

WAIST CLINCHER Body Suit provides instant lumbar support and compression to abdominal.

With Neoprene Shape wear for Women Heat Up your Core Abdominal to Sweat More Even During Routine Activities.

Sauna Suit Cleanse Your Pores & Helps Lose Water Weight Rapidly.


  • Brand New Neoprene Material ALWAYS has strong smell.
  • That's NORMAL.
  • It will go away with use.
  • It's harmless to body.

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